We are Proud to be Rated #1 Whale Watching Company in Newport Beach on TripAdvisor

Our Mission Statement

Newport Coastal Adventure is a company with purpose. From the start, our mission has been about us sharing the wonder of the ocean with you. In fulfilling that, our interaction with the customer and the environment strives to be intentional and upholding to these standards and goals.

To Offer Exploration with Safety

Our model of using smaller boats fosters a greater sense of participation and action, one that we want to balance with customer safety and security. The first thing we want is a smile on your face, and the last thing desired is for a passenger to feel intimidated or unsafe in the ocean. Your passage with us will be exciting, but balanced with responsibility and good judgement exercised by your captain.

Education and Realization

We hope you come away learning new interesting facts from our tour, or connecting dots about the part we play as individuals and as a society with the Ocean. Our goal is to inspire passengers with wonder and empower them with knowledge, producing advocates for protecting the ocean and the wildlife living there.

Treating Customers How We Want to be Treated

The fact is, we’re all customers at some point, whether it be on our own vacations or at a local restaurant. We will keep your perspective at the forefront of our minds, and treat you in accordance with the “Golden Rule”. Your satisfaction with all aspects of interaction with our company is our immediate priority, not profit.

Inspiring Love and Respect for Oceans and the Animals in It

The best part of our job is to introduce you to the whales, dolphins, and sea lions in their environment, close and personal! We hope that in your time with us we can make you feel connected to the animals as they go about their life in nature. We also don’t wish to exploit them for a show or treat them as disposable producers of income. Our waters are their homes and/or feeding grounds, which we want them to continue to thrive in in the most natural state possible.

If you have any feedback on the points listed related to your experience with us, please don’t hesitate to send a message to Ryan@NewportCoastalAdventure.com.


Newport Coastal Adventure was founded in 2014 by Ryan Lawler, a native of Newport Beach and inseparable from its waters since a young boy. Capt. Ryan sought a way to earn a living sharing with people the amazing sea creatures and natural beauty of the coast in his backyard.

An Ideal Location -- The concept of Newport Coastal Adventure is unique to the area, leveraging the ideal location of Newport Beach Harbor to key natural features such as its proximity to deep water where whales and dolphins feed, and the adjacent coastline abounding with rocky coves, birds, and seals. Newport Coastal Adventure is the original and favored operator to give customers an intimate experience on the waters of Captain Ryan’s hometown.

Newport Coastal Adventure has gained tremendous momentum in over two years of operation, satisfying thousands of customers. It’s filled a niche providing an exciting adventure on the waters of the Pacific limited to just 6 passengers at a time. In 2016 the company became the #1 rated Outdoor Activity in Newport Beach by TripAdvisor. Newport Coastal Adventure now employs multiple boats and handpicked captains to continue to serve the growing demand for this concept pioneered by Capt. Ryan.



  • Brand new 2018 Super RIB, custom built just for whale watching.
  • A faster speed (25 miles per hour) means more sightings and longer viewing times.
  • For those seeking an intimate whale watching experience close to the water with a faster speed. These general admission trips take limited number of people at a time.
  • Onboard flat screen TV displays live drone feed on most cruises. The only company to offer this!
  • Highest Rated Whale Watch in Southern California. 5 Stars on Yelp, TripAdvisor, & Google.


  • Built by Boston Whaler, this 25’ long foam-cored boat is literally unsinkable.
  • The Guardian is the largest boat in our fleet and is powered by a 300 horsepower Yamaha 4 stroke engine. As boats go, it’s a “Cadillac” of sorts because of the comfortable rear-seated ride.
  • The Guardian also performs duty as a Catalina Island Adventure vessel, making the 50 mile round trip over open waters.
  • In its former life, our boat was employed with a United States Coast Guard Port Security Unit, and even had a .50 caliber gun mounted on the front.


  • The 733 Zodiac Hurricane is the most widely used inflatable by the Navy and Coast Guard.
  • This 24’ boat, with its “deep V” hull, handles the seas better than any other vessel of comparable size. Our Hurricane is highly maneuverable and speedy, and seating is all forward on jockey style seats.
  • The Hurricane saw action with the US Navy SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team-1, based in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. If this boat is good enough for the best military operators in the world, it’s good enough for us!


  • Our original vessel is the perfectly designed Zodiac 23’ SeaRib.
  • Because its inflatable tubes are always in the water, the SeaRib is solid as a rock.
  • It has a quiet Yamaha 150 hp four stroke engine and seating options in both the front and the rear.
  • This is a fully customized boat, with ergonomically designed aluminum tower and seats.
  • Originally a diesel jet pack prototype boat from Florida, it found a new life showing thousands of our customers dolphins and whales on the Southern California coast.

Meet Our Captains

Experience a breathtaking adventure with an awesome crew and seasoned captains.

Captain Ryan -- A Newport Beach native, Ryan has spent virtually his entire life on the waters surrounding his home.From a young age, he has been captivated by the creatures of the sea, primarily through his lifelong hobby of fishing. Ryan’s dad, also an seagoing man, has raised him on several boats ranging from 18 to 56 feet, and taken him on hundreds of fishing adventures. To him, the ocean offers endless excitement, solace, and possibilities for knowledge.

Captain Taylor -- Since 10 years of age, Capt. Taylor figures that he’s spent almost every day of his life either in or on the water. That’s because starting young, Taylor was a competition surfer on the USA Junior Surf Team! Including various other contests, Taylor has traveled to Brazil, China, France, and Australia, just to name a few, for competitive surfing. Born and raised in Orange County, California, he’s also done his fair share of fishing. \

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